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ultimumIT (uIT) is an independent IT Services company that specializes in delivering technology solutions to meet the needs of our clients. uIT is focused on combining business consulting with technical implementation to provide IT solutions for different industries. With local dedication and international reach, we demonstrate unwavering commitment to our clients' needs and partner with them to increase business performance, mitigate risk and resolve challenges.

We strive to create a client-focused environment where our professionals have an opportunity to learn and excel.

Why uIT

uIT offers customized solutions, proven comprehensive and efficient delivery methodologies and expert consultants with experience, resourcefulness and the commitment to deliver the quality you need. We’ve formed strategic relationships with some of today’s most knowledgeable and respected SAP implementation servic providers, that turn to us to successfully address their own clients’ most pressing compliance needs. Here are some of the reasons why customers choose us:

  • Expertise: Our founding members are renowned as industry leading experts for implementation of SAP GRC, SAP Release Management & Testing, and compliance COE.
  • Customer Focused: Tired of your advisory firm managing their own risk, and not yours. At uIT, we deliver projects in a manner that has your best interests in mind.
  • Friendly and Flexible: We’ll never stop looking for new ways and opportunities to improve implementation and/or processes. We will always have an answer for your question. We are very flexible and adapt to any situation.
  • SAP Partnership: We are well connected with SAP upper level management as well as developers building and maintaining different SAP modules.
  • Thought Leaders: We deliver what you expect from consultants --- proactive, tried & true guidance.

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